Praise the Lord everyone! I want to share a testimony from my life with you.  
Around September 19th, 2014 I became very ill with abdominal pain and told my parents about it.  I thought it was just gas pains and went to bed only to wake with the same pain. It was time to go to school, however, I felt so bad, I told my parents, who weren't so convinced, " If I go to school I'd be laying down on the way". They knew then, this was serious.  My mom took me to my Doctor's office and they sent me straight to the emergency room where they discovered I had a perforated appendix. Needless to say I was sent into immediate surgery. My parents prayed and  the Faith Assembly of Christ church family was alerted to pray. The nurses prepped me for surgery and the anesthesiologist came in to do their job. The surgery went well but after I was stitched back up, my heart stopped beating on the table. I actually coded! Thanks be to God for electric resuscitation! So they placed the paddle electrodes on me and my heart  began to beat again, breath was back in my body! I could've been gone at age 14 but, God saw fit for me to be here. I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for healing my body and saving my life!